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DIVERSITY has saved my bacon more times than I can remember in the past few years. Every time Google makes an algorithm change, some of my sites benefit, some stay the same, and inevitably, others lose rankings.

Watch this short video to learn more about my philosophy of diversity, how I incorporate it into my business and to get my thoughts on Kindle Ritual.

As I mentioned in the video, I’m SICK AND TIRED of all the crappy $9 Kindle “Rags to Riches” courses that’ve been thrashed, rehashed and blasted into my inbox over the past 12 months. If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably feeling the same way.

When Brian told me he was launching a Kindle course, I was skeptical…but I soon realized that this was nothing like the other Kindle courses out there.

And the proof really is in the pudding (or in the case…the “smoothie”!!)

Brian’s BEST SELLER (now making 8-10 sales/day!)

I went to visit Brian in Colorado about 6 weeks ago, right when he was launching a new eBook to the Kindle marketplace. That eBook is now an Amazon Kindle BEST SELLER!

Brian tells me it’s making 8-10 sales PER DAY now, thats some decent income, especially when you consider that he didn’t write the book and it’s only one of many that he’s pumped out in the last few months.

Complete…from start, to finish…

In typical Brian G. Johnson style, this one is the complete start to finish package – and you will NOT want to miss it. To be completely honest, I think the price tag should have been at least 3 times what he’s charging…Kindle Ritual is MASSIVELY under priced.

Here’s a full replay of a webinar held with Brian Johnson where he walks through an entire case study revealing exactly how he’s earning money every single day from his Kindle business:

Here’s the webinar replay download link: Right Click Here & Select “Save As” To Download

The most important reason you should get Kindle Ritual is this:

It’s a PROVEN method that Brian has been living and breathing for the past 12 months. The bottom line…if you replicate what he’s done without changing anything, you WILL make money.

But I’m sweetening the deal for you even more by giving you 12 other reason to grab Kindle Ritual.

Here’s my massive 12-part bonus pack which you’ll receive when you invest in Kindle Ritual through my affiliate link:

  • “What it Takes” Webinar With Brian G. Johnson (Value: $97)
  • eBook Starter Ideas Cheat Sheet (Value: $37)
  • How to Create Professional eCovers For UNDER $5 (Value: $37)
  • On Page SEO Importance Report (Value: $37)
  • Outsourcing Crusade (Value: $97)
  • 4 BRAND NEW WordPress Themes (Value: $159)
  • Advanced SEO Webinar (Value: $47)
  • 2 Month Link Building Plan (Value: $67)
  • Post Penguin: Link Wheel Strategy (Value: $47)
  • 90 Day Bootcamp (Value: $97)
  • Giant Niche Starter List (Value: $47)
  • Dummies Treasure Chest (Value: $47)

The total value of this pack is $816…not bad for a product that’s only going to cost you $77!

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Here’s a closer look at each of these bonuses:

1. “What It Takes” Webinar with Brian G. Johnson (Value: $97)

This action packed webinar will run for about 2 hours and in it Brian and I will reveal the secrets to our success online.

You’ll also get to take a look “behind the curtain” at exactly what we’re doing in our business TODAY to stay 2 steps ahead of the pack…

If you’ve attended one of our webinars int he past, then you’ll know that we put some serious effort into ensuring they always provide cutting edge content.

Click Here To Check Out Kindle Ritual Now

2. eBook Starter Ideas Cheat Sheet (Value: $37)

Perhaps the most difficult part of writing and selling an eBook, is coming up with the idea.

To help you get past this issue, I’ve made a list of 50+ topics that are PROVEN sellers in the Kindle Marketplace.

Not only have books about these topics sold thousands of copies, but they’ve also all received a minimum of 4 stars which PROVES that if you can get some good content together in these niches, package it up into a winning marketing campaign, you’ll be on your way to earning a passive Kindle eBook income.

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3. How to Create Professional eCovers for UNDER $5 (Value: $37)

To have success with a Kindle eBook you NEED to know how to create a good looking, eye catching, professional eCover. This BRAND NEW video gives a LIVE example of how I do exactly that…I reveal the secret weapon I’ve used to create the eCover images for $200,000 product launches and thats saved me THOUSANDS in designer fees and show you EXACTLY how to create a professional eCover of your own.

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4. On Page SEO Importance Report (Value: $37)

Want to know the most important 20 aspects of on page SEO? Want each on page SEO factor rated in order of importance? Well that’s what the On Page SEO Importance Report will give you. Rest assured, after reading this report, your on page SEO will set you up for top rankings in Google.

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5. Outsourcing Crusade (Value: $97)

The one variable that will hold you back is time! And your success is directly limited by how much time you can spend developing your Kindle eBooks. Brian gives you some outsourcing tips inside Kindle Ritual, but Outsourcing Crusade goes one step further to ENSURE you’re able to ramp up your business when you need to.

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6. 4 BRAND NEW Professional WordPress Themes (Value: $159)

When it comes to selling your Kindle eBook you’ve got a couple of options…Option one is to go with the masses and use the theme Brian’s providing, your website will look like everyone elses and you won’t really stand out. The other option is to use a UNIQUE theme and give your website a real point of difference.

The 4 themes I’m providing as bonuses are brand new (in the last few months) which means that hardly anyone is using them. With these themes you’re not limited to building a website for your Kindle eBook…these themes will serve you well for Adsense sites, Affiliate sites and pretty much any other kind of website you want to build.

Click Here To Check Out Kindle Ritual Now

7. Advanced SEO Webinar (Value: $47)


I recently held a webinar about advanced SEO and I’m including it in this bonus pack. In this webinar replay you can watch as I demonstrate some cutting edge SEO tactics. This webinar has only ever been seen by a small group of internet marketers.

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8. 2 Month SEO Link Building Plan (Value: $67)

Once you’ve published your eBook you’ll need to get it ranking. This 2 month plan tells you EXACTLY what you need to do to start your SEO campaign.

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9. Post Penguin Link Wheel Strategy (Value: 47)

This report details how you should create Link Wheels in a Post Penguin SEO world. Forget everything anyone has ever told you about link wheels, read this report and find out what really works (tested and proven by me).

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10: 90 Day Bootcamp (Value: $97)

The classic “over my shoulder” training from Rank and Pillage. This week by week training details how I launched a profitable affiliate site with Rank and Pillage’s GOLD members.

Click Here To Check Out Kindle Ritual Now

11. Giant Niche Starter List (Value: $47)

Want more niche ideas? I’m giving you more. 236 more to be precise. Niche research and idea generation will NOT be an obstacle in your quest for success with Kindle Ritual.

Click Here To Check Out Kindle Ritual Now

12. Dummies Treasure Chest (Value: $47)

Want even MORE proven niche ideas? I’ve prepared an exhaustive list of every single “Dummies” book ever created. With over 2000 additional eBook ideas, you will NOT have any problem with finding a niche to base your eBook on.

— — —

Kindle Ritual is an excellent product and it gets my full endorsement.

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