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internet explorer problemsI’m writing this post because for the last 3 days, I’ve been battling with some website errors in Internet Explorer.

Basically what was happening is that my website looked defragmented and messed up in Internet Explorer but perfect in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and other browsers.

After some time intensive research I discovered I wasn’t the only one having problems with Internet Explorer…as it turns out, many websites have problems with IE9, IE8, IE7 and IE6. Often websites don’t look correct in IE but look great in Firefox and the other major browsers.

Why should we care about fixing Internet Explorer problems?

Well, as much as I really don’t like IE, a huge percentage of the population still uses Internet Explorer, this is especially true in non-IM, non-tech niches. I own a website in the dog training niche and a staggering 58% of people that visit the website use Internet Explorer.

browser stats

The stats are quite different for this website where the vast majority use Firefox:

Browser Usage Stats for

  • Firefox: 54%
  • Internet Explorer: 21%
  • Chrome: 17%
  • Safari: 5%

Internet Explorer equates for 21% of the visitors I receive to this website so it’s vital that me website looks good and performs well for the IE visitors.

Here are some ways to fix website problems seen on Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer Problem, Fix 1:

If you use WordPress ensure that you have the latest version. Before upgrading to a new version, make sure you make a backup of your website…you can do this directly via FTP or use a plugin such as WordPress Backup (by BTE).

Internet Explorer Problem, Fix 2:

If the problem you have is a new one, check if your recently added any new scripts or plugins to your website…chances are they’re causing the issues with Internet Explorer standard security settings.

How I Fixed The Internet Explorer Problems on This Website

After making a full backup of my website, I started tinkering with the scripts. This website uses several scripts and my hunch was that one of them was causing the problem (actually it wasn’t my hunch, I got some advice from someone much smarter than me!).

The scripts I use are Get Clicky (for stats), Google Analytics (for stats), Exit Splash (the cool exit page you see when you try to leave) and an AWeber popover email optin box.

Exit Splash is the last thing I installed so I thought that was the culprit, I deleted that code from my site, cleared my browser cache, and tried again. No luck, I still had the same problem.

Next up I removed the AWeber popover script. PERFECT! This solved the problem. The next issue was, how could I get that AWeber popover back on my website? Here’s what I ended up doing:

I added the following to my code: <![if !IE]> AWEBER SCRIPT HERE<![endif]>

It looks like this when it’s installed:

<![if !IE]> <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script> <![endif]>

If you’re a tech wizard then you’ll know what this does, for those of you like me that run away from this kind of thing, what this does is effectively hide my AWeber popover code from Internet Explorer…my popover won’t take effect on Internet Explorer browsers but will work on all the others.

Not ideal, in fact, this is a temporary work around, but at least my website looks like it should again and I can still use the AWeber lightbox form on all the other browsers…

If I was unable to fix this myself I was going to pay someone on or to do it for me…that was a last resort.

Useful Resources

Throughout all this I uncovered some pretty useful websites. The two I’m listing below allow you to see what your website looks like through other browsers, even if you don’t have them installed on your computer, they also let you see what your website looks on various versions of different browsers (Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9 etc):

      I hope you’ve found this useful – I certainly wish I’d known that some scripts can cause Internet Explorer problems earlier!

      5 Responses to “Internet Explorer Problems”

      1. Dave says:

        Thanks for this information Aidan. I’ve had a lot of similar problems with Internet Explorer myself…it’s a shame when a new update from IE is released and it screws your website!

      2. Come on Aidan what are friends for I would of fixed it for you :)

      3. Aidan says:

        Haha – I’ll keep that in mind for next time Mario!!!

      4. Charles Holmes says:

        You are the man. I’m been trying to fix this problem on my website for a while now. My computer almost got thrown out the window. Thanks for your help.

      5. Daniel says:

        Just what I needed to fix the AWeber IE problem on my WordPress site. THANK YOU!

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