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Content FacilitatorContent Facilitator is a brand new service that I’m currently testing…it’s currently free to join and new members are being accepted, so regardless of whether you understand what its all about, or intend to use it, I recommend you sign up while you still can.

Here’s the link (remember, it’s 100% free):

Click Here To Sign Up For Content Facilitator

What Exactly Is Content Facilitator?

Content Facilitator is a service that connects website owners. As a website owner, you can submit content (articles) and have a link to your website in them…another website owner will then use that article on their website which is going to give you a backlink.

You can also use Content Facilitator to get free content for your website. The sames rules apply, you publish the content on your website which has a link to the owner of the articles website.

The system is credit based meaning every time you place somebody elses article on your site, you gain credits, and each time you someone publishes your article, you pay them credits.

Here’s a quick video overview explaining a little more about how Content Facilitator works and what it does:

As I’ve mentioned previously, this is a BRAND NEW service I’m testing. It looks very very good however I haven’t had a chance to see any tangible results yet. I think you should check it out though and sign up while it’s still free and while new members are being accepted…it costs you nothing.

3 Responses to “Content Facilitator Review”

  1. Kelly says:


    Thanks for sharing Content Facilitator…it does look interesting.

  2. jose says:

    does Pinguin affects this project?
    Should we keep on planning on this linking scheme?

  3. Aidan says:

    I think it’s fine as long as you vary your anchor text…after all, you will end up with at least a few of your links on related websites…its very varied and makes things more natural looking

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