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Tim GodfreyTim Godfrey has been a highly regarded internet marketer for quite some time now and his status amongst other “internet marketing gurus” has continued to rise ever since he joined forces with Steven Clayton to create Commission Blueprint (version 1) in mid 2008.

Since the launch of Commission Blueprint 1 Tim Godfrey has gone on to create a multi-million dollar business (actually an 8 figure per year internet marketing business!).

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I’ve personally followed Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton very closely since the launch of Commission Blueprint. When Commission Blueprint 1 was launched it was leaps and bounds better than any other PPC (pay per click) training program at the time and massively over-delivered on what it promised. As such, I didn’t hesitate in becoming a member of Tim and Steve’s inner circle coaching program (now known as The IM Advantage).

The IM Advantage has been extremely valuable to my business, even in the early days when the members had access to a fraction of the tools available now.

Getting back to Tim Godfrey and his internet marketing business…

The follow up product to Commission Blueprint was an E-Commerce course titled Niche Blueprint. This course was more expensive than Commission Blueprint but the money making potential was also a lot higher. Niche Blueprint demonstrated exactly how Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton (with the help of Mike Hermensen and Dave Hermensen) were able to create E-Commerce stores that sell physical products via the drop-shipping business model.

Niche Blueprint was another masterstroke from Tim and Steve and went on to further their reputations as the very best internet marketers around.

One of the benefits of working in a 2 man team with Steve Clayton was that both members brought different strengths to the table. The next course released from Tim and Steve was The SEM Business Blueprint and it was based on Steven Clayton’s experience in setting up his own search engine marketing businesses.

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The SEM Business blueprint was a fresh and innovative course, no-one else had previously released a step by step guide to building a Search Engine Marketing business from ground up so what Steve and Tim had created become massively popular. The course detailed absolutely everything from how to approach clients, the presentations to give them (yes, the exact presentation used by Steve is included), samples of radio advertising and of course all of the internet marketing side of the business as well. The SEM Business blueprint still remains one of my favorite all time internet marketing courses.

Next came Niche Blueprint 2. This was a reworked and improved version of Niche Blueprint 1 and offered new E-Commerce store templates, new internet marketing tools (in house tools developed by Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton), and updated internet marketing strategies. The course again over-delivered and enabled a whole new group of aspiring internet marketers to start making money via E-Commerce.

After the success and excitement of Niche Blueprint 2.0 had quietened down, Commission Blueprint 2 launched. Unlike Niche Blueprint 2, Commission Blueprint 2.0 was more than an upgrade of version 1. Commission Blueprint 2 was a complete guide to making money via affiliate marketing. Commission Blueprint 2 covered not only PPC as in version 1, but went into depth in SEO (search engine optimization) and detailed the exact methods used by Tim Godfrey to create money making affiliate marketing websites. Commission Blueprint 2 remains a top seller to this day and the tactics and techniques revealed in Commission Blueprint 2.0 are still as powerful as when the course was launched.

Info Prodigy is the latest instalment in the Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton library of products. This time Tim reveals the last uncovered aspect of how he and Steve make money online, the creation of informational products. In you want to start creating your own info products, this is a product you won’t want to miss – after all, Tim and Steve are the masters at it.

In mid 2010 Steve & Tim offered a live coaching event in Las Vegas. There was a limited number of seats available and the seminar cost close to $2000…I was unable to get to the event (tickets sold out within hours) but did manage to get access to the “Steve and Tim Live” online event which was held in August 2010, also costing close to $2000. The event was a massive success and again the shear quality of information provided was incredible.

If you are considering buying one of Tim Godfrey’s internet marketing products, I highly recommend you do so. All of his products and coaching courses has massively over delivered and thanks to their teaching, thousands of people worldwide are now making serious amounts of money online.

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