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On Thursday the 5th of January 2012, Steve Clayton & Tim Godfrey will launch their 4th eCommerce course, eFormula.

You can find out all the details about eFormula and see the massive eFormula bonus I’ve prepared at


Steven Clayton is a high profile Internet Marketer who burst onto the world stage when he released a product called Commission Blueprint.

Steven has since released several top selling internet marketing products including:


Niche Blueprint
Niche Blueprint 2.0
Blueprint Project Black Edition
eFormula – Available for 250 people on January 5thClick HERE to find out more in my in depth review.

Affiliate Marketing:

Commission Blueprint – The original PPC course that put Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey on the map. Commission Blueprint was launched in 2008.
Commission Blueprint 2.0 – The course that followed up Commission Blueprint 1. Commission Blueprint 2 was much more than a PPC and Adwords course, it also got into great detail about using SEO to get organic rankings for keywords.

Offline Marketing:

SEM Business Blueprint – Still the #1 guide for anyone wanting to start an offline Search Engine Marketing business.


The IM Advantage – Tim & Steve’s inner circle
Steve & Tim Live in Las Vegas – I went to see these guys live in Vegas, apart from holding a great seminar, they’re also very genuine guys.

Product Creation:

Info Prodigy – In Info Prodigy Steve Clayton & Tim Godfrey share exactly how they create and launch info products. Info Prodigy is, in my opinion, the best guide to creating your own info product.


IM Eye – Market Research from a brand new angle.
SEO Blueprint – Without doubt, SEO Blueprint is one of the most important SEO tools I use.
Keyword Blueprint – Steve Clayton’s first keyword research tool, released with Niche Blueprint.
Keyword Blaze – This is the brand new keyword tool that comes as part of eFormula.

Steven ClaytonSteven’s route to Internet Marketing success came through a different path to most. Steve had a very successful career in the corporate world where he was vice president of a 5 billion dollar fortune 500 company. The corporate world gave him an expert understanding of marketing strategies that he went on to apply with great success on the internet.

After deciding to finish up in the corporate world Steve founded an Internet Marketing company called “Worth Overdoing Marketing and Consulting” which ultimately led him to achieve great success in a wide range of internet marketing facets such as PPC, SEO, Product Creation, and Affiliate Marketing via channels such as

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Inner Circle – The IM Advantage

Steven Clayton has had so much success through affiliate marketing that interviewed him to find out more about his methods.

When Steven Clayton teamed up with IM guru Tim Godfrey to create Commission Blueprint a massive buzz was created in the internet marketing community. Commission Blueprint soon went on to become the top selling Click Bank product and amass a massive amount of members.

So what exactly does Commission Blueprint cover and does it work?

Commission Blueprint is a video course that takes you through the 14 critical steps to creating a winning Google AdWords campaign. Every step in the process is explained in great detail and nothing is left off camera. Commission Blueprint teaches you how to select a product to sell, how to do keyword research, how to set up your website and AdWords campaign, how to “pick a winner”, and how to take your campaigns to the next level.

Regardless of whether you are an absolute novice or have been using Google AdWords for some time, this course is a real eye opener.

About 6 months after launching Commission Blueprint, Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton created Niche Blueprint.

The “benefits” that Niche Blueprint offers its users is that you can start making money online with little or no investment. Commission Blueprint on the other hand does require some investment in Google AdWords campaign costs (which by the way you can set to a level that works for you – massive investments are not needed).

Niche Blueprint, like Commission Blueprint, went on to become a top selling product. Niche Blueprint has since been replaced by Niche Blueprint 2. For more information please read our Niche Blueprint 2 Review today.

Niche Blueprint (and also version 2) reveals exactly how you can make massive profits by selling physical products without needing a warehouse or to ever handle the products. As mentioned above, for the Niche Blueprint system you don’t need any investment up front meaning this is a great option for people starting on small budgets.

Niche Blueprint delves into areas such as SEO, Drop Shipping, Website Creation, Traffic Generation, Outsourcing and so much more.

The third product launched by Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey was the SEM Business Blueprint. Many people regard this to be Steven and Tim’s top product. The SEM Business Blueprint reveals the techniques Steven used to make over $100,000 in 1 year from just 5 clients. In the SEM Business Blueprint Steven explains how you can easily set up a Search Engine Marketing company providing PPC and SEO solutions to customers. The business model is flawless and people who are using it have had massive success with it. I highly recommend the SEM Business Blueprint, you can read a full review of this product here: SEM Business Blueprint Review

Steve and Tims latest product is called Commission Blueprint 2.0. This name makes it sound like an upgrade of Tim and Steves first course but in reality this is a totally new product. Commission Blueprint 2.0 is the most comprehensive internet marketing course released so far as it covers PPC marketing, CPA marketing, SEO, Article marketing and so much more. The course is a real eye-opener and a rare chance to see how the very best in the business have success. If you are looking to buy one single course to help you get started or move forward in Internet Marketing – this is definnitely the one you should choose. When CommissionBlueprint 2 launches on the 9th of September, it will sell out fast so make sure you sign up to the Launch notification today – you can do so at our Commission Blueprint 2 Review page.

By combining Commission Blueprint, Niche Blueprint, and the SEM Business Blueprint, you have a complete internet marketing package that leaves no stone unturned – this is effectively what you get with Commission-Blueprint 2.

Steven Clayton has a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of internet marketing and is someone who has so much to offer any internet marketer regardless of their online experience.

In late 2009 Steve relaunched Niche Blueprint in the form of Niche Blueprint 2.0. The course was a massive success (not surprising really) and is regarded as the #1 ecommerce course available.

In March 2010 Steve Clayton along with business partner Tim Godfrey finally opened the doors to their exclusive inner circle (which I’ve been a part of since day 1 – almost 2 years ago). The inner circle comes in the form of a monthly membership program in which Tim and Steve share their most up to date internet marketing strategies as well as private access to all of their own in-house internet marketing tools. The IM Advantage has been extremely valuable to me and I have no doubt you’d find it incredibly good value as well.

The line of products they’ve created doesn’t end at The IM Advantage however, they are also in the process of releasing their revolutionary market research tool called IM Eye. The tool really is unlike any other keyword research tool out there and for this reason it has a high price tag on it. If you can afford it its deifnitely worth it, otherwie I would recommend signing up to The IM Advantage and sticking with a quality “tried and tested” tool such as Market Samurai.

The newest edition to Steve Clayton’s internet marketing library of tools and courses is SEO Blueprint. SEO Blueprint consists of Article Blueprint, Blog Blueprint and Link Blueprint. I rate SEO Blueprint as the most powerful SEO tool I use. I rate this product so highly that I’ve actually created a website and bonus for anyone who buys it – find out more here: SEO Blueprint Bonus.

To round out Steve’s current range of products, tools and services, there is the Info Prodigy product which is scheduled to be released on the 17th of May – this will be a high end internet marketing course with a price tag to match Check back here for more info about Info Prodigy soon!

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