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Rank and PillageFirstly, this Rank and Pillage review is going to be a little different to other reviews on IM-Blackbook due to the fact that I (Aidan Booth) created this course (with Brian G Johnson). Instead of telling you how great the product is, I’m going to talk more about where Rank and Pillage came from, and give you an inside look “under the hood” of Rank and Pillage.

Rank and Pillage has been a massive project for Brian and I. We’ve been working at it for over 6 months now (actually closer to 8 months!) and are extremely proud to be launching what we believe is the ultimate affiliate marketing course on the market.

In the last 5 years I’ve been through a path similar to many internet marketers…I started off with the struggles and hardship, I experienced the scams and rip-offs, and I’ve had my fair share of success along the way as well.

After several years of tweaking and testing, and coming to grips with the inner workings of affiliate marketing – I finally came up with a system that works flawlessly almost every time…and that’s what we’ve included in Rank and Pillage.

Rank and Pillage is the guide I wish someone had made for me about 5 years ago when I was getting started.

So what exactly does Rank and Pillage include?

Rank and Pillage is broken down into 8 different modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Rank and Pillage – Understanding how to make money online and why it’s actually extremely simple.
  • Module 2: Traffic Battle Plan – Knowing the type and amount of traffic you need in order to make money.
  • Module 3: SEO Siege – The SEO secrets Brian and I use to nail down #1 rankings time and time again. This module is HUGE and contains many untapped SEO secrets no one has ever shared before.
  • Module 4: The Pillage Blueprints – This module reveals not 1, but 5 money-making blueprints that we use to earn a living online.
  • Module 5: Fortress Foundation Brick by Brick – Here’s where you’ll learn how to build your website…the right way.
  • Module 6: Link Catapult Formulas – Link building is the key to getting top ranking in Google, in this module we present 3 different plans that have been proven to work over and over again!
  • Module 7: King of Your Empire – Here’s where we reveal how to take control of a niche by creating a strategic plan designed to pick off top rankings for the most important keywords in your niche.
  • Module 8: Outsourcing Crusade – This is on of my favorite modules because it explains how you can massively scale your business…effectively freeing up your time to do whatever you want.

Each module is a key part of the internet marketing jigsaw puzzle and they are all equally important.

Brian and I also wanted to offer something special to the real go-getters…a seat at the table with us as we build a money making website from scratch. We call it the 90 Day Bootcamp.

The 90 Day Bootcamp is a Rank and Pillage add-on (which you get the chance to purchase after you click the buy button) in which I personally build a money making website from scratch in front of you over a 90 day period.

The great thing about the 90 Day Bootcamp is that you get to see everything unfold in front of you and can easily follow along and build a website over the same timeframe…without sitting right next to me, this is the closest we can get to providing “side by side” coaching.

If you decide to upgrade and get access to the 90 Day Bootcamp, we’re also giving you access to the Rank and Pillage forum (this is a private forum for upgraded members only).

In addition to the core manual (which is over 250 pages long) and the tutorial videos (we have over 100 of them), we’ve also created 2 custom made WordPress Themes (these cost A LOT of money to create) which all members of Rank and Pillage get access to.

So that’s “Rank and Pillage in a nutshell”.

To find out more about Rank and Pillage and to get your copy, head over to the official sales page at www.RankAndPillage.com today.

2 Responses to “Rank and Pillage Review”

  1. Steve Reh says:

    This is a great product

    I purchased it myself

    Anything that Aiden produces just get it

    The product is terrific as it teaches how to get into Internet marketing the least cost effective way

    A great product from an honest and ethical marketer

    Steve Reh

  2. Aidan says:

    Thanks for the recommendation Steve – I’m glad you found Rank and Pillage useful :)

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