Niche 10x Bonus Pack


This offer closes at midnight tonight (midnight on Monday August 12th).
Only 20 bonus packs remain.


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This is amongst the biggest bonus packs I’ve EVER put together. It contains courses, software, plugins, themes, PDFs, and MUCH more…read the overview below for more details:


This bonus pack has a catch…so please read the following very carefully.

Bonus #1: Page One Evolution PLATINUM (Value: $137)

Page One Evolution is my cutting edge SEO training program. In Page One Evolution PLATINUM you’ll discover the EXACT

method I use to get top rankings, and ALSO get access to my 7 “Income Accelerators”…

Bonus #2: Commission Blueprint Evolution: The Workbook (Value: $97)

A 115 page step by step manual thats packed with pure content that could enable you to quit your day job in a matter of weeks!

Bonus #3: The Quick $500/month Webinar (Value: $197)

An 80 minute training session detailing how you cash-in using local marketing to earn $500/month passive income.

Bonus #4: Attention Grabber Plugin (Value: $97)

Designed to grab your website visitors attention. This sophisticated plugin has been proven to increase conversions by 10%!

Bonus #5: 90 Day Bootcamp (Value: $157)

This 90 Day case study was filmed live and walks you through how to build an authority site from scratch…

Bonus #6: Advanced Benchmark Blueprint (Value: $97)

This is the method I use when I need to overtake a stubborn competing website. Here’s how you can break a competitor down bit-by-bit and uncover all their ranking secrets…

Bonus #7: Proven Niches Cheat Sheet (Value: $32.20)

A giant list of 322 proven products. These are all PROVEN to sell and are a great place to start…

Bonus #8: “WordPlus” WordPress Theme (Value: $39)

This premium theme was released in July 2013 (last month) and has NEVER been included as a bonus or given away before…

Bonus #9: Money Maps (Value: $97)

How to turn a simple mind map into a 5-figure payday. You’ll access free mindmapping software, 22 training videos and 2 pdf guides…

Bonus #10: Swiss Army Knife Products (Value: $67)

“Swiss Army Knife” Products is a training program made up of 12 videos and a PDF Guide. In this training you’ll learn how

to create 5 different products using completely FREE software and tools…

Bonus #11: Quit your Day Job (Value: $67)

A bundle of videos and training designed to give you everything you need to quickly quit your day job.

Bonus #12: Get Connected (Value: $97)

30 videos detailing how you can make connections with the best people in your market, and how that can result in BIG paydays…

Bonus #13: Time Blocking Software (Value: $47)

2 unique videos and a PDF guide which detail how to use the unique “Time Blocking” software developed by John Rhodes and Jay Boyer…

TOTAL VALUE: $1131.20


Limited to 65 Action Takers

I can only give away 65 copies of Part 2 and Part 3 of the bonus.


Because I don’t own these…

I’ve arranged deal with Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey (the guys who created Bonus #2 and Bonus #3) and part of the arrangement is that I can ONLY give away 65 copies.

Even if I want to make the entire pack avaiable to everyone, I NEED to limit it to the firts 65 people.

To simplify things for me, I’ve decided to limit the entire bonus pack to 65 people.


In order to quality for this bonus, you MUST purchase the PLATINUM version of “Niche 10x”, and you MUST be one of the first 65 people to do so.

Everyone should definitely grab the bare-bones basic 10x pack because it’s packed with value and costs less than $10…

The PLATINUM version will be offered to you AFTER you’ve got the basic access.

What is the PLATINUM Version?

The Platinum Version is an upgrade that gives you access to advanced training and niche packs. It’s the bells and whistles which are NOT included with the basic package.

You’ll get immediate access to:

  • 380 Underground “Money Niche” Packages ($15,200 Value)
  • Complete “Cash Trident” Niche Software Suite
  • Ebook Niche Explorer ($97 Value)
  • Low Hanging Traffic ($67 Value)
  • Keyword Bloodhound ($67 Value)
  • Money Niches Video Training ($97 Value)
  • Azon Mini-Site Theme ($2,300 Value)
  • Niche 10x Platinum Live Training ($97 Value)

How much is the Platinum version?

The Platinum pack offers MASSIVE value. In fact, if you add up all the components listed above, you’ll see that they combine to $17,925.00…

NOTE: The 380 Money Niche packs have all been researched manually…I’ve seen them and they are very good.

Platinum Upgrade Cost Less Than 1%…

The good news is that you can access the entire Platinum Pack for LESS than 1% (ONE PERCENT) of it’s value…

That price will probably increase once the launch promo is over though.


Here’s what you need to do to secure immediate access to Niche 10x AND my enormous bonus offer…

Step 1: Go to the link below and grab your copy of Niche 10x:

Step 2: After you’ve got the basic version of Niche 10x, UPGRADE to the Platinum offer.

Step 3: Next, send me an email to bigbonusoffer [AT] gmail [DOT] com with the name you used to order Niche 10X. I’ll then verify your order and send you the bonus access details. Bonuses will be delivered within 48 hours.

Remember, there are ONLY 65 bonus packs available, and I cannot be flexible on this…once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Check it all out now:

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