How Can I Help You

How Can I Help?Different people struggle with internet marketing for different reasons.

Today I want to ask you what I can do to help.

If you’re struggling, why are you struggling?

What’s the 1 thing I could offer you to help you have more success online?

What do you need?

Send me your thoughts, I’m listening.

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One Response to “How Can I Help You”

  1. Than you in advance Aidan!

    One thing I need help with? Well, that’s tough since you really have to have it all working together for it to work, but…..

    I know I need to be better at selecting my niches and my main niche keyword. It all starts from there!

    That said, here are two things I know would help me out hugely RIGHT NOW:

    A decent FREE (or very inexpensive) theme to use. It needs to be well designed for seo purposes but also flexible and easy enough to use to make decent looking pages with good ad and affiliate link layout etc.

    A quick review of an existing site – just along the lines of: an assessment of the niche selected, the associated keywords, the layout and navigation of the site, observations about the content and the monetization strategy.

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