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“The PRO toolset is indispensable. It has made everything from link development to keyword insight, to strategy to C-level reporting ten times easier and more efficient.”

Lauren Vaccarello, Senior Director of Online Marketing
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A PRO subscription gives you:

Weekly Crawls

Weekly Crawls and Rank Tracking

We crawl your site each week and notify you of issues that might affect your performance. We also monitor rankings for all the keywords you’re trying to rank for.

On-Page Recommendation

On-Page Recommendation

Our app gives you clear, on-page instructions for fixes to make on your website. Make the recommended improvements, and watch your rankings climb.

Competitive Analysis


Monitor your competitors' rankings and link metrics to gain an edge in the search engine results. Competitors will think you're hiding in their air ducts.

Social Monitoring

Social Media

Track the performance of your social media accounts, compare your accounts to your competitors’, and measure the impact of your social media efforts.

Plus access to Moz Tools:

Fresh Web Explorer

Discover mentions of your brand, your competitors, and industry topics in the web’s freshest content. Join the conversation or reach out for new opportunities.

Open Site Explorer

Research and compare backlinks with competitors for intelligent, targeted link building. Identify top pages, view social activity data, and analyze anchor text.


Take a deep dive into Twitter metrics and analytics. Analyze and segment your followers, compare users, and find out how to engage your audience.

Keyword Analysis

Choose the right keywords! Find out how difficult it is to rank for specific keywords based on the top 10 competitor sites that currently rank for them.