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Autoresponder Madness Review
Reviewer: Aidan Booth Rating: 10/10 Product Reviewed: Autoresponder Madness 2.0 Autoresponder Madness (now Autoresponder Madness 2.0) is the email marketing course developed by Andre Chaperon. The course is run over 60 days and all the content is delivered via email (makes sense given it’s an email marketing course right!). I’ve just finished working through the 6 week course and I’m [...]
Blogging Underground Review
Blogging Underground is without doubt one of the key weapons in my SEO arsenal. For the past couple of years I’ve been leveraging the power of Mike Liebner’s private blog network to boost my search engine rankings. In theory the system is quite simple: Access to hundreds of blogs = Hundreds of places to get links to my websites = More links = Better Rankings. As you may already be aware, [...]
Premium WordPress Themes
Many companies and web developers claim to create Premium Wordpress themes, but in most cases they fall far short of being premium. For a Wordpress theme to be classed as premium it really needs to tick all the boxes. All premium Wordpress themes should include the following 6 points as a bare minimum: •    Be easy to use •    Be attractive and professional looking •    Offer advanced [...]
300 Internet Marketers Review
Reviewer: Aidan Booth Rating: 10/10 Product Reviewed: 300 Internet Marketers Goes Live 29th March 2011 Brian G Johnson has just announced that he will be launching a new intensive coaching program called 300 Internet Marketers. Brian has given me inside information about the course and I must say I'm very excited about what he's offering. I’m personally very excited about this coaching [...]
The Blueprint Project Review
To claim this bonus send a copy of your Clickbank receipt to Reviewer: Aidan Booth Rating: 10/10 Product Reviewed: The Blueprint Project "Black Edition" Goes Live 11th January 2011 The Blueprint Project – Black Edition, is effectively Niche Blueprint 3, the third edition of the massively popular eCommerce internet marketing course from Steven Clayton & Tim Godfrey. The [...]
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