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Bryan McConnahea is a 24 year old based in Montreal, Canada. Bryan has been involved in internet marketing circles for around 6 years now and over that time has become a “master of all trades”.

I first heard about Bryan McConnahea when he launched the Authority Pro theme with Alex Goad back in 2010. Since then, I’ve watched him closely and have been very impressed with everything he’s produced – he’s definitely a guy that puts a lot of pride into his work.

Bryan McConnaheaThe thing that has impressed me most about Bryan so far is his ability to build a complex, flexible and attractive WordPress theme from the ground up. It’s not easy catering for the needs of thousands of different internet marketers when designing a theme but Bryan has done a very good job. So good in fact that I decided to use the Authority Pro theme on this website,

Some of the things I like most about the Authority Pro theme are:

  • Built in SEO features = higher rankings
  • The ability to change every single color at the click of a button (text, background, links, heading etc)
  • The ability to change the layout at the click of a button
  • The advanced widget positions that make customization easy
  • The default color schemes available
  • The squeeze page templates
  • The exit page feature (great for capturing leads)
  • The product rating feature

The list goes on and on and I’m not really doing the theme justice by highlighting these points but I wanted to share what’s impressed me most, so there you have it.

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I mentioned that Bryan McConnahea is a “master of all trades”. By this I mean that Bryan has experience in a lot of different areas of internet marketing. Bryan is well versed in aspects of Copywriting, SEO, Design, Product Creation and working with Code. Not many internet marketers have such a wide skill-set. Having such a diverse skill set will take Bryan a long way and it’s already proven invaluable in allowing him to create the Authority Pro theme.

Watch this space…Bryan McConnahea is here to stay.

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