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Andre ChaperonAndre Chaperon has been an internet marketer for quite some time now, but in many ways, he’s different from the typical internet marketer.

I first got to know Andre a few years ago when he launched a PPC course called Affiliate Bully. Andre’s approach intrigued me from the get go.

Until recently when I purchased Andre’s email marketing course, Autoresponder Madness 2.0, I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why his emails were so captivating, all I knew was that he was doing something a little different because I actually looked forward to reading his emails.

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As Autoresponder Madness 2.0 progressed, it all fell into place. Andre looks at the big picture and doesn’t go after short term gains…he builds relationship with all his subscribers (and customers) and really looks after those relationships (he actually still personally responds to all his emails)!

One of Andre’s business principals is based around Jay Abraham’s “Strategy of Preeminence”. What this means is that you give real value before asking for anything in return…it’s a strategy that very few internet marketers use.

You’ve probably noticed most internet marketers hammer your inbox with hardsell after hardsell without ever delivering much value. The vast majority of marketers don’t put any importance on building a relationship with their list.

I’ve heard some big name marketers (the so-called “gurus”) give the following advice:

“Hit your list with hardsell after hardsell. You’ll eventually make a sale or your subscriber will unsubscribe”…

Talk about shortsightedness!!!

This is one way that Andre stands out. He’s takes the other approach…give value, more value, and more value – you’ll have a subscriber and a buyer for life.

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Having followed Andre for some time now, it’s easy to see that he’s a guy who thinks about the big picture. He studies marketing techniques (often used offline by big corporations) and applies them to his business.

From a business standpoint, Andre Chaperon’s strategies are extremely powerful. Because Andre takes the time to build a trusting relationship with his subscribers (“his group”), he achieves incredible conversion rates.

He constantly tops the lists whenever new products a being launched even though his email list is a fraction of the size of other marketers. It’s not uncommon to see Andre getting better results than people who have lists 100 times the size of his – seriously.

It’s no surprise really. The people on Andre’s list aren’t bothered by the emails they receive from him, quite the opposite, they want to receive his emails. How many marketers can you say that about! Oh, and by the way, it’s not possible for anyone to get on his email list, you need to buy his product first…another very different approach which obviously works very well for him.

I’ve personally learned a lot from Andre over the years and he’s one of a select few marketers who I keep an eye on.

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