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Adam ShortAdam Short has been involved with internet marketing in some form or other since 2003 when he held the position of Marketing Analyst at Overture, Inc. Adam has created several high quality internet marketing products since that time, his latest being the much talked about Niche Profit Classroom 3. (Read our full Niche Profit Classroom 3 review today)

With over 100 niche sites to his name, each one pulling in anywhere between $400 to $20,000 per month, he is an internet marketer who really does what he preaches.

Yes he does have a few internet marketing information products but the vast majority of his income has come in creating small websites with 7 – 8 pages that go on to rank well for a range of buyer driven keywords.

Niche Profit Classroom is a blueprint which explains in great detail (with over 400 hours of video) exactly how he does what he does. Having reviewed NPC I can tell you right now that this is one of the most impressive new internet marketing products out there.

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Adam Short showcases his immense knowledge of internet marketing by covering everything from driving traffic to your site, to product creations, to obtaining elusive “.edu” back-links. Nothing is overlooked.

One of the things that I found extremely useful in Niche Profit Classroom is the support available. I tested the responsiveness by of the support desk and forum by placing 4 questions of varying difficulty, each one was answered within 12 hours of my posting!

Adam Short really looks after the members of Niche Profit Classroom. Here’s a little more detail about what’s he’s included:

  • Over 150 high definition videos explaining how to create money making niche websites
  • Over 600 videos covering almost every internet marketing topics
  • 5 unique in-house software tools: Including the MoneyWord Matrix, Market Checklist Tool, Market Profiler, and the 15 Minute Sales Letter Wizard
  • Free premium hosting for your websites
  • 2 pre-made niche websites per month
  • Monthly personal coaching
  • Eye opening interviews with internet marketing gurus

Niche Profit Classroom is the type of product I wish I’d had when I started my internet marketing career 5 years ago.

Niche Profit Classroom is of great value for newbies and experienced internet marketers alike. Receiving 2 pre-made niche websites per month takes the struggle out of it for newbies and gives you real templates that you can modify and use again and again.

I always find it interesting to see exactly how well established internet marketers go about there business which is probably another reason I so highly recommend Niche Profit Classroom. Adam Short and Alen Sultanic reveal all their secrets to earning over 6 figures per month.

Adam Short is a fantastic mentor and internet marketing coach and as I mentioned earlier, I wish this product was available when I was starting out. It really gives massive value and a crystal clear roadmap to making big money online.

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