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Aidan BoothHi, my name’s Aidan Booth and I first started out as a “wannabe internet marketer” with huge dreams way back in 2006. Since then I’ve experienced the highs and lows of internet marketing…the lows being the over-hyped scams, the struggle to get started making money online, and the failed projects. The high’s being the successes, both my own and those of my students.

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On this page and throughout this website I’m going to recommend a number of simple yet highly effective internet marketing strategies that I’ve personally tested and that are extremely effective ways to make money online. Before I get to those strategies however I want to give you a little more of my background so you know where I’ve come from and what I strive to achieve as an internet marketer.

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Since 2006 I’ve invested thousands on a huge range of different internet marketing strategies, each one promising amazing results in one way or another. Some of the courses I’ve been through have been fantastic (guys like Brian G Johnson, Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey, and a range of others have left a real impact on my business) while others have been real disappointments.

These days I earn 6 figures as an affiliate marketer but am also involved in teaching. In August 2011 I released a course in partnership with Brian G Johnson which details the exact systems I use to make money online as an affiliate.

I continue learning every day and always practice what I preach. After all, affiliate marketing is a lucrative business model when you know how to do it the right way.

My Products:

Your First $500 Online (http://yourfirst500online.com) – This high level training program was filmed LIVE over the course of 3 months. The objective: to reach a $500/month run rate in 12 weeks. “Your First $500 Online” sold out in 48 hours.

Page One Evolution (http://pageoneevolution.com) – This course is 100% focused on SEO. Page One Evolution was released in 2013 and reveals everything you could possible want to know about getting rankings in 2013.

Authority Hybrid (http://authorityhybrid.com) – This course is to be launched on the 21st of February 2012. It contains all the latest strategies I’m using to earn money online and will be strictly limited to 250 students.

Rank and Pillage (http://www.rankandpillage.com) – Rank and Pillage was launched late 2011 and has helped hundreds of up-and-coming internet marketers grow their businesses and increase their online earnings.

Having stuck with internet marketing for quite some time now, I’ve seen a lot of people with big dreams fail to make it online…sometimes the failure is due to a poor choice of internet marketing strategy, other times  due to giving up just 2 steps away from success. It’s a real shame but it happens.

If you’re someone who aims to achieve big things online, or to simply earn an extra few hundred dollars per week to makes things easier, you’ve come to the right place.

What I recommend you do right now is sign up to my email series in which I share a many of my secrets – things I’ve learned the hard way so that you don’t have to. In fact, if you sign up right now I’ll send you a few secrets you can use to start making money right away…

My Internet Marketing Strategy of Choice

If you’re serious about making money online, I highly recommend you check out Rank and Pillage. Rank and Pillage is the course I created with Brian G. Johnson in mid 2011. You can find out all the details here: http://www.rankandpillage.com.

Having experimented with more internet marketing systems than I can remember, the one that’s always been rock solid for me is based around SEO (search engine optimization). Chances are you’ve heard of SEO before, if not, it’s just a fancy way of saying getting top rankings in Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

SEO is the perfect model for newbies to internet marketing and marketers with more experience to create a very lucrative online business…and there are almost endless ways to use SEO to make money online. In order to tap into the huge earning potential behind SEO you need to know how to get top rankings in Google – that’s where I can help you.

You see, for the last 5 years I’ve spent thousands of dollars testing every SEO strategy known to man and I know exactly what’s required to get to the very top of Google for almost any search phrase. Unlike other people who claim to be “internet marketing gurus”, I learned everything the hard way through trial and error with over 1000 websites and my SEO strategies are based on real data, not theory….that’s good news for you as you’re about to get a huge advantage…

To learn more about the strategies that I use to get #1 rankings in Google, sign up to my email series (top right corner) now.

The Million Dollar Internet Marketing Opportunity

The internet has expanded massively in the last 10 years to reach a level where there are now over 1,596,270,000 internet users worldwide. The exciting thing is, every single day tens of thousands of people are getting access to internet for the first time. What this means for you as an internet marketer is that your potential customer base is just getting bigger and bigger at an amazing rate. You only need to access a tiny piece of the pie to earn a fantastic living as an Internet Marketer. Some of the things that excite me the most about internet marketing include the following:

  • You get to be your own boss.
  • You determine how much you earn – there is no glass ceiling. Are you happy with $50/day or do you want $5,000 per day?
  • You determine where you work – whether you want to be on a boat in the Mediterranean with your laptop or in you own living room, it’s up to you (I choose to live in Buenos Aires, Argentina!).
  • You determine how much you work and when you work.

Now, this all sounds fantastic but let me tell you from experience – starting out can be tough, frustrating and demoralizing. No-one should try to get started online without choosing a mentor, or a system to follow, if you do start out online without guidance you’re asking for failure. If you follow a proven process that works however, then there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t succeed.

Very soon I’m going to be sharing my ENTIRE internet marketing strategy that’s pulled in over $100,000 in the last 12 months alone…by signing up to my email series today, I’ll start sharing some of my $100k secrets with you absolutely free…and when the times right, I’ll give you the entire system! Going back to the internet marketing strategies that have given me great results time and time again…

Google Adsense Income: Google provides an excellent way to earn money online and it’s dead easy to get started. The system is pretty simple as well, identify a high quality keyword, build a website optimized in all the right areas, apply my cutting edge SEO strategies, and start to cash in…

Authority Sites: Becoming an so-called “expert” in a niche market can be very lucrative and I’ve proven this time and time again. Create a website in a niche full of buyers, drive visitors to your website, give them what they want and you’re on your way to financial freedom. This is one of my favorite internet marketing strategies. Authority Hybrid was developed specifically to teach people how to build lucrative Authority Sites.

Selling Physical Products Online: Have you ever bought any physical product online? There are millions of people doing this every day and you can cash in big time. In 2010 I made over $40k selling physical products using a system that an 85 year old could implement. Again, the system is dead easy and it works every time.

Product Launches:There are another gold mine and have loads of side benefits as well (building a list for example). If you want to earn money quickly, this is the method to use. Competition can be fierce during product launches but when armed with my SEO strategies you’ll top the charts. Product launches can provide huge profits.

If you’re curious to learn more, sign up to my internet marketing email series today…I’ll start sharing the secrets with you right away.

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